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French artist Ben Arpea lives and works in Paris. Born into a family of art lovers and collectors, Ben Arpea has been immersed in a rich artistic universe since childhood, where he began to create, draw and paint.

Anchored in a dreamlike dimension oscillating between semi-figurative and abstract expressionism, Ben Arpea’s work questions the century-old motifs and canons of classical landscape and still life, reinterpreted through a contemporary artistic language. Between the real and the unreal, Ben Arpea paints frozen and perfect images, proposing a moving interpretation of pop art and surrealism.

Distancing himself from any analytical approach, Ben Arpea creates simple forms – natural motifs, references to architecture and Mediterranean interiors, arches, windows, tables, tiles, everyday environments – to invite everyone to a dreamlike and personal journey. Ben Arpea invites the viewer to enter into synesthesia with his paintings, each one being invited to project his or her own memories in an intimate and familiar dialogue.

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