Vineta Brutane is a creative leader and an art experimenter. She is also a credentialed specialist in management and public relations who wrote her dissertation on “Innovative art technology for developing motivation in leadership and management.” She has continued her education by studying art history, management psychology, and art coaching. Her areas of interest include psychoanalysis, philosophy, oil painting, collage, and bricolage.

For more than fifteen years, Vineta has been using psychology, art-based techniques, and her knowledge of art history and philosophy to develop business and reflective management. Her background working in business includes serving successfully as a leader and investor in electronics distribution.

Since 2019 she has been actively developing and popularizing the use of art in continuing education for leaders, and promoting dialogue between art and business at the Dyad Institute, where she founded the “Art Provocation for Management” program.

“I believe that art and creative methods help lay a bridge between the present day that we understand and the future that we want to build.”


Public Relations

Art coaching

Psyhology and Social work