Atelier Who

Maria Who is a painter, artist and designer, living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.

Maria was born in Moscow, Russia in 1996. She has graduated in 2020 from the Stroganov Moscow Academy of Art and Design as Artist of Interiors, MA, after which she was working as interior designer and architect. In 2022 Maria moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where she successfully was accepted for an art residency in MAD Marvila.

Composing the special narrative of people acting in art and an idea of soul vitality, Maria creates dreamy, wondering, motion and very real in it’s imperfection, thought not realistic, images of people. Maria aims to find life of the soul and senses in painting, and to find and understand our influence on the creative process of each other during co-creation. She directs artistic experiences and searches for visual images of spirit movement, working with different mediums, including painting and performance.

Maria has participated in different exhibitions, such as personal exhibition “Sotoportego” in MAD Marvila Gallery (2023, Lisbon), Limpezas de Primavera (2023, Lisbon), Venice International Art Fair (2022, Venice), The Secret Garden (2021, Venice), Boomer gallery show (2021, London), Art Russia (2020, Moscow).