ARTISTE / Alfredus
Atelier Alfredus
Représenté par Galerie Berthelet, Galerie L'Art s'en Mele, Galerie UKA - United Karibbean Artists, Casa del Arte - Palma de Majorque

For this solar artist, one of the most talented of his generation, painting equals music, colours veiling the very heart of a canvas shepherded by inspiring encounters, and the breath of emotions acting as both anchor and compass.

As he wanders here and there, browsing the very core of each destination explored through his travels, the heady scent of tropical horizons and nurturing sounds of a limitless musical realm complement the transient but inspiring encounters captured by this underground creative, free as his pioneering predecessors. Alfredus – as per his stage name – manages to mirror through his pictorial artwork, the beings and things which have somehow magnetised his gaze. A few words with him suffice to convince one that “Art is the direct expression of man’s inner world.” A “Guadeloupean at heart” with a Caribbean soul, he was born in Nantes in 1982 and only a few months old when he moved to the archipelago with his parents. His artistic calling as well as his spiritual journeys and early empathy for the sincere individuals he so loves, have continuously, over time, contributed to anchoring him further to his homeland of choice.His primary work as a polymorphous, discrete yet passionate artist, was fuelled by the stimulating modernity of street art, night-life music and mixed poetry performance. Alfredus’ foundational experiences have since blossomed, as shown by the themes embraced in his most recent art exhibits: “Musical flow,” “Colour scores,” “Melting-pot matrix” and a surprising conceptual approach.“There is an organic relationship between sounds and hues.” (...)