Galerie BAQ / ARTIST / Siu PHAM

Siu Pham (b. 1946, in Hanoi, Vietnam) is a versatile artist and thinker whose multifaceted pursuits traverse the realms of cinema, visual arts, literature, and philosophy. Within her diverse repertoire, Siu Pham is at once a marginal avant-garde filmmaker; a painter; a writer; a poet; a director, and a screenwriter.

Her films bear witness to the chaos of everyday life, the crowd's disorientation, and to the tribulations of broken families. Her characters and narratives emerge from the raw fabric of reality, and Siu Pham presents them devoid of prejudice or judgment. In doing so, Siu Pham not only captures the essence of the human experience, but also invites her audience to embark on an introspective journey through the prism of her unique artistic vision.

She now lives and works between Vietnam, Switzerland and a bit everywhere else.

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