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Hi i’m Laurent a french artist who loves to express myself through drawing and painting.

After studying communications and a brief career in the advertising sector, I entered the world of finance without ever losing sight of my artistic fiber. Recently, I decided to launch my artistic career in parallel with my professional activity.

I draw since i was young. I touched many style before finding my favorite technique : drawing and painting with a range of gray and white pencils on a black paper.

My sources of inspiration is the master of 18th and 19th century.

My paintings are characterized by a lot of depth and contrast. I transpose the colors of my models in shades of gray.

This work on chiaroscuro aims to better highlight my artistic signature underlined by a red line

The red colors make reference at several value like passion, suffering, love, blood or fire…

My goal is to continuously challenge myself by tackling the most famous works of the impressionist masters and giving them new meaning in our time.

my works of art allow me to convey a message on deep or lighter subjects, but also to contribute to the artistic culture of the general public

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