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Efrath Bouana is an internationally Emerging artist and painter who draws inspiration from her travels, the environment, and the people around her.

Born in Israel in 1986, Bouana has been educated in Paris, Barcelona, and Haifa, giving her a unique perspective on the world which is reflected in her art. She studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and holds an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Haifa. Her works often explore identity, culture, and the human experience. Her first solo show was in 2008 with the series "Architecture Solitaire." Since then, she has exhibited in solo, duo, and group shows in France, Armenia,Island,Israel, and Italy.

At the Armenia Art Fair in 2019, she and her gallery, Canopy, were chosen as part of Whitewall Magazine's 10 best gallery booths, selected by Marion Guggenheim. In 2014 and 2016, Bouana's project "Paysage Musical" was selected by the associations "Art dans la cité," "Les amies des Beaux-Arts," and Foch Hospital. The project was a combination of sound and painting with three frescoes on a 600 m2 ceiling.

In addition to her work as a painter, Bouana has also been involved in various musical collaborations, including performances with musician Antonina Zarhava and music group Musica'vestys. She also have been part of 3 published books, Hjalteyri and Le Contre Annuaire. Through her paintings, Bouana is able to express her emotions and tell her story, creating works that are both visually stunning and emotionally powerful. The influence of music, rhythm, and movement can be seen in Bouana's painting.

In addition she exhibited in other group shows at 59 Rivoli Gallery in Paris, la maison des ensembles in Paris,Teddy Gallery in Jerusal

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