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Choix des plus belles roses #roseraiedebagatelle..

Represented by Air de Paris
Unique edition
Photography, 2021
130 H x 90 W x 5 D cm

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Title: Choix des plus belles roses #roseraiedebagatelle #pierrejosephredouté Purple Splash Joseph reproduces in photography the beautiful plates of flowers that Pierre Joseph Redouté drew and engraved at the beginning of the 19th Century. At a time when so many people are busily constructing individual mythologies for themselves, Pierre Joseph is having fun with the digital confusion generated by having the same name as the famous Belgian botanist. Google Pierre Joseph and mixed in with his works you’ll find Pierre Joseph Redouté's watercolors of flowers. What we have here is a playful encryption of information with the hashtag as it key.

Biosphere, Landscape, Vernacular
11 kgs
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The artist Pierre JOSEPH

"Pierre Joseph's work is crossed by an ambitious project: to make the art exhibition a true 'zone of possibility' where objects, images and human beings would cohabit, a space within which the relationships between people and the contacts with things would be transformed to become both playful and productive, generators of 'life possibilities'." - Nicolas Bourriaud

Choix des plus belles roses #roseraiedebagatelle..
Choix des plus belles roses #roseraiedebagatelle..
Choix des plus belles roses #roseraiedebagatelle..
Choix des plus belles roses #roseraiedebagatelle..