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Explore the Captivating World of Stencer Saintelange, Fashion Photographer, and Photojournalist based in Paris.

Dive into the unique visual world crafted by Stencer Saintelange, a fashion photographer and photojournalist born in 1989 in Haiti, now residing in Paris, France. His journey with photography began in March 2014 when he acquired his first camera, a Chinon CX.

A passionate self-learner, Stencer honed his skills through books, exhibitions, and participation in workshops, fueled by unwavering determination. His path led him to become a photojournalist for Challenge Magazine in 2018, where he excelled as the director of photography.

His outstanding work earned him initial test shoots for prestigious agencies such as Next Model Agency, Montage Agency, Dulcedo, and Maven. In 2016, he embarked on his series titled "ELLE," an ongoing artistic exploration. Presently, he delves into his new series "l’Été d’avant" and "Time is changing," captivating and ever-evolving projects.

Stencer Saintelange's aim extends beyond capturing images; he aims to narrate unique visual stories. His meticulous approach and distinctive artistic vision transcend expectations, immortalizing the very essence of his subjects.

Explore his portfolio to immerse yourself in a visually rich world filled with emotion and aesthetic. Each image tells a story, each captured moment reflects boundless passion for the art of photography.

Welcome to the enchanting universe of Stencer Saintelange, where art and emotion converge to create striking and unforgettable visuals.

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