Born in 1969 in France, Bôôl grew up among splattered palettes, canvasses and the odor of oil paints. Painting soon became for him an expression of what often goes unspoken, of love, beauty and pure relations. He did not attend art school. However, when he decided to pursue the artist’s path, he proved to be a natural with his paintbrush, undoubtedly the result of a heritage anchored in his very cells. He perfected his technique over time by studying the masters and through experimentation, working with matter over and over again.

When he paints, a world of images and colors rises before him as inevitable and vital. His brush glides across the canvas with force and gentleness to fill his work with contrasts from one series to another, from one painting to another and, at times, within a single composition. Swept away in the act of creation, the artist sometimes surprises himself with the results, the painting takes on a life of its own and leads him beyond his own imagination, beyond his own knowledge. The invisible appears before his eyes and takes on meaning, something magic occurs, the materials used are transcended and sublimated in an eternal moment.

Bôôl is a multi-faceted artist, characterized by diverse styles of expression that share color, its vibration, its musicality and light as a common thread, like Ariane’s.

He is a contemporary artist. His canvasses are as figurative as they are conceptual. In turn, naïve, expressive in gesture or pure in matter, his paintings reveal a new aspect of life’s secrets. paintings are not a mere exploration of technique. Rather, they relate an internal voyage, inspired by quintessential nature and leading to the absolute.

Artist Profile