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Jessie Lie
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Jessie Lie is a travel and humanist photographer based in Paris.

Capturing through various photographic series many cultures and traditions.

She has traveled to many places around the world since her childwood.

Freelance photographer since 2016, she decides to explore deeply

South East Asia.

She directed her first photographic project "Belief over Beauty".

For nearly a year, French photographer Jessie Lie penetrated deeply into the world of Sak Yan, the Thai tradition of hand-tattooing ink designs on the body for spiritual purposes, to create a special collection of black-and-white images.

Since then she has exhibited several times in Bangkok, in recognized places and collaborated for publications with Asian magazines.

"I love the immediate impact that an image has, an open door to imagination and interpretation.

Travels are my best source of inspiration, they lead me to a better understanding of the world as a witness and messenger.

There is no longer the language barrier. Which could be an obstacle becomes

a magnificent means of communication.

It's the magical attraction of photography."

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